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Watershed Management Plan – Phase II

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The Upper Wabash River Basin Commission (UWRBC) received an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Section 205(j) grant from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) beginning January 2013.  This grant was used to develop a Watershed Management Plan (WMP) for Phase II of the Wabash River watershed area.

This WMP covers three 10-digit Hydrologic Unit Codes (HUCs) in the Upper Wabash River watershed:  HUCs: 0512010107 (Rock Creek subwatershed), 0512010108 (Wabash River – Griffin Ditch subwatershed), and 0512010109 (Eight Mile subwatershed) in Wells, Huntington and Allen Counties, IN.


The Watershed Management Plan (WMP) was approved by IDEM in September 2015.

Upper Wabash River Watershed Management Plan ~ Phase 2

Upper Wabash River Watershed Management Plan ~ Phase 2


Select the links below to view the WMP and appendices.

WMP~Phase2_Table of Contents

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 1:  Community Watershed Initiative

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 2:  Watershed Inventory

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 3:  Environmental and Water Quality Data

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 4:  Watershed Inventory-Part II

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 5:  Review of Watershed Problems and Concerns

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 6:  Identifying Sources of Pollution

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 7:  Water Quality Improvement Goals

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 8:  Implementation Strategies

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 9:  Project Tracking and Future Activities

WMP~Phase2_Appendix A:  Acronym Key

WMP~Phase2_Appendix B:  Education and Outreach Meetings and Events

WMP~Phase2_Appendix C:  Social Indicator Surveys

WMP~Phase2_Appendix D:  Other Reports

WMP~Phase2_Appendix E:  Endangered, Threatened and Rare Species Lists

WMP~Phase2_Appendix F:  Water Quality Monitoring Site Photos

WMP~Phase2_Appendix G:  UWR Phase 2 Project Water Quality Monitoring Data

WMP~Phase2_Appendix H:  Load Duration Curves and Target Concentration Charts

WMP~Phase2_Appendix I:  Best Management Practice Descriptions

WMP~Phase2_Appendix J:  Action Register and Schedule



The public Watershed Management Plan update meeting was held March 19, 2014.  The public was updated on the progress of the plan, and asked to review the list of water quality concerns in the watershed and help with identifying the problems, causes and sources of pollution.

UWRBC WMP Meeting Presentation















The kick-off meeting to introduce the project to the public was held February 27, 2013.  Meeting presentations are available at the links below.

UWRBC Kick-off Meeting Presentation

Water Monitoring Presentation