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upper wabash river basin commission

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Keeping your lawn green and phosphorus out of the river

Phosphorus is a challenge for local water quality because of its role in the scientific process called Eutrophication.  This occurs when excess nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) accelerate the growth of algae in a stream or lake.  This then often results in a decrease of oxygen in that waterbody, as well as the production of potential algal toxins and taste and odor compounds in the water.  Lawn fertilizer washed into local waterways by rain presents one of the greatest, quickest dissolving inputs of phosphorus to streams and lakes.

You can help, by making a pledge to use Phosphorus Free lawn fertilizer HERE.

Found out where to find Phosphorus Free lawn fertilizers!

If you are interested in learning more about watershed issues, have concerns, or would like to host a field day or workshop, please contact the Watershed Coordinator.