upper wabash river basin commission

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upper wabash river basin commission

The Upper Wabash River Basin Commission (UWRBC) was enacted by the State Legislature in 2001 by House Bill 2119, under IC 14-30-4.  It was established as a separate municipal corporation, which includes the area located in Adams, Huntington, Jay, and Wells counties that is drained by the Wabash River, including the tributaries of the Wabash River.

The UWRBC is now offering Cost-Share to landowners within the watershed area to implement “best management practices” on their land. 

The Upper Wabash River Basin Commission  Phase 2 Watershed Management Plan has been approved.

WMP~Phase2_Table of Contents

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 1:  Community Watershed Initiative              

Upper Wabash River Watershed Management Plan ~ Phase 2

Upper Wabash River Watershed Management Plan ~ Phase 2

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 2:  Watershed Inventory

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 3:  Environmental and Water Quality Data

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 4:  Watershed Inventory-Part II

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 5:  Review of Watershed Problems and Causes

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 6:  Identifying Sources of Pollution

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 7:  Water Quality Improvement Goals

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 8:  Implementation Strategies

WMP~Phase2_Chapter 9:  Project Tracking and Future Activities

WMP~Phase2_Appendix A:  Acronym Key

WMP~Phase2_Appendix B:  Education and Outreach Meetings and Events

WMP~Phase2_Appendix C:  Social Indicator Surveys

WMP~Phase2_Appendix D:  Other Reports

WMP~Phase2_Appendix E:  Endangered, Threatened and Rare Species Lists by County

WMP~Phase2_Appendix F:  Water Quality Monitoring Site Photos

WMP~Phase2_Appendix G:  Upper Wabash River Phase 2 Project Water Quality Monitoring Data

WMP~Phase2_Appendix H:  Load Duration Curves and Target Concentration Charts

WMP~Phase2_Appendix I:  Best Management Practice Descriptions

WMP~Phase2_Appendix J:  Action Register and Schedule


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Mission Statement

To provide regional leadership and promotion of flood prevention and control, soil and water conservation, and related resource management through a coordinated and comprehensive planning and implementing approach in which projects of the Commission will not adversely affect other landowners within the watershed.


The voting members on the commission are the three county commissioners from each county, the chairman of each county’s Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD), and the surveyor of each county, or their designee.

Voting Members

Adams County
Doug Bauman
Kim Fruechte
Ryan Noblitt — Appointment for Rex Moore
Paul Norr – Surveyor
Vacant – SWCD Representative (Randy Roe, SWCD Chairman)

Huntington County
Larry Buzzard
Tom Wall
Rob Miller
Jay Poe – Surveyor
Kyle Lund – SWCD Representative

Jay County
Bettie Jacobs — Appointment for Douglas Inman
Faron Parr
Jim Zimmerman
Brad Daniels – Surveyor 
Ed Paxson – SWCD Representative

Wells County
Blake Gerber
Kevin Woodward
Tamara Dunmoyer
Jarrod Hahn – Surveyor
Doug Sundling – SWCD Representative

Administrative Assistant

Stacia L. Henderson 117 W. Harvest Rd., Bluffton, IN 46714 Office: (260) 824-0624 ext. 3

Watershed Coordinator

Stacia L. Henderson 117 W. Harvest Rd., Bluffton, IN 46714 Cell:  (260) 273-0972